What is the best artificial grass to buy

What is the best artificial grass to buy

Artificial grass has come a long way since the early days, where it looked like it had just come out of your local greengrocers or hardware shop.  But the best artificial grass is a personal choice and very dependant on a person’s circumstances and of course budget.  Detailed below are a number of factors worthy of consideration prior to any purchase.

Types of artificial grass

Nylon – This is a strong type of plastic fibre which is excellent for high trafficked areas withstanding children and pets and is also better protected from the elements.  This is invariably the most expensive option.

Polyethylene – In terms of quality and cost this is probably your mid-range option.  Polyethylene turf tends to have a natural look and feels soft to the touch. This grass is perfect for low trafficked areas.

Polypropylene – This is generally considered to be the cheapest option and also the least durable, so not advisable for a large lawn or for a children’s playing area.

An important area to look at prior to purchase is to check the backing as this is a good way to check the quality of a product.  The back of artificial grass is made up of primary and secondary layers.  The primary backing is a layer of material that the plastic grass fibres are stitched to.  The secondary backing is made from latex which essentially glues everything together.  If not enough latex has been used, the backing can separate and can cause yarn loss resulting in a thin-looking lawn over time.

Prior to purchasing any artificial grass, it is worth considering how much usage the lawn will be subjected to. If there is unlikely to be much foot traffic, you may not want to spend as much money on a high-quality grass.  On the other hand, if your artificial lawn is going to be used by children for playing games, for an entertaining area or for your pets, it will be important to choose a grass that can withstand the high usage.  Factors to consider are the type of plastic the grass is made of, and the thickness, height and density of the grass fibres.  

Choosing your artificial lawn doesn’t need to be too difficult, but by researching the various options available on the market and considering your usage requirements, you should be able to achieve and enjoy the perfect outdoor space, which will last for many years to come.

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