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We are Local Suppliers and Installers of Artificial Grass for Home and Business Known for High Quality, Luxury Synthetic Grass Covering Adelphi

Fitting Artificial Grass for Over 15 Years

We have been in the artificial grass industry since the very beginning. In that time we have built up a lot of experience in fitting & supplying to both the domestic and commercial customer.

We have also built up a fine reputation for top quality artificial grass installations. We always aim for the look of perfection with our installations & having over 15 years of experience in doing this helps. Whether we are fitting grass for a small front garden or balcony, or we are laying a new synthetic sports pitch for a school we give 100%. We always get the fit and final look of the artificial grass as close to perfect as possible.

All of the different types of artificial grass we sell and install come with an 8 year warranty. However, the fake grass & artificial surfaces we have fitted when we first started over 15 years ago are still going strong without any need to be replaced, just saying…

The Benefits of Artificial Grass?

  • Very Low Maintenance
  • No more Mowing.
  • No more Feeding & Watering.
  • No more Weed Killer.
  • Great For Kids
  • Child Friendly.
  • No more Muddy Shoes
  • Soft & Safe
  • Ideal for Pets
  • Dog & Cat Friendly.
  • Easy to Clean
  • Will not Fade or Stain.

What You Can Expect From ‘Its Artificial Grass’

Trusted & Experienced Installers

As mentioned before we have a vast amount of experience in both artificial grass installation and also the supply. We can help guide you to finding the right surface for your needs, whatever that is.

Reliable & Fully Insured

Customer service is very important to us, & because of that we will turn up to your property at the time and day we have agreed to. We’re Fully insured, never the less we are always very careful when working at our customers homes and businesses.

No Contracts

Once you have paid for the installation of your artificial lawn there will be no other ongoing payments that you will be required to make. Although some artificial grass suppliers like to tie their customers to a yearly maintenance contract, we feel this is completely unnecessary.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

One of our greatest forms of advertising is ‘word of mouth’. So, we guarantee satisfaction by providing top quality products and fitting services for our customers. By doing this, we ensure that we regularly get recommended to their family, friends and neighbours.

Other areas covered Maudlands, Gallows Hill, Preston, Deepdale, Broadgate


Beautiful, Realistic, Low Maintenance & Guaranteed to last for years & years!

Benefits of an Artificial Lawn

One of the main benefits to having a fake lawn fitted in your garden is that it will look like a well manicured lawn all year around without having to lift a finger. The grass is so realistic that only upon close inspection can you tell it is made from synthetic fibres. The lawn needs very little maintenance and absolutely no watering or other kinds of treatments are required. It just looks good all year round.

Low Maintenance

Apart from Brushing off fallen leaves and debris, there really isn’t anything else to do to maintain an artificial lawn.

No Treatments Required

They do not require any kind of treatment or watering. This means no more costly lawn treatments, mowing or scarifying to remove moss and dead grass. 

No More Muddy Shoes

Artificial lawns are great for kids to play on and even when wet, there will be no mud or dirt to tread in.

Balconies and Decking

One of the uses of artificial grass is by covering over decking. As the years roll by decking starts to look weathered and old. So, what some people do is to have the fake grass fitted over the decking to provide a more atheistic looking surface and one that is softer to walk on.

Although balconies are usually not very big in surface space, they can benefit from having realistic looking fake grass fitted to it. It is pleasant to look at and soft to walk on, making it an attractive option for properties with a balcony. 

What’s Included

As well as providing some of the very best variety and quality artificial grass that is being manufactured, we also aim to provide the best service. It’s not just about installing the grass and then moving on. We want all of our customers to be delighted, not only in the look and feel of the grass we fit. But, we also want our customers to be very happy with the way we install and work at your home. So, our installs include

  • 8 Year Guarantee
  • Variety of Realistic Grass to Choose from.
  • Full Installation Service
  • All Waste Materials Removed
  • 100% Satisfaction with our Service and Product

Schools & Nurseries

Beautiful, Realistic, Low Maintenance & Guaranteed to last for years & years!

Artificial Grass for Schools

Although natural grass is very pleasant to play on, if used daily it will wear and end up warn away. A perfect solution to using natural is to use artificial grass for playgrounds and break out areas in schools and collages. It is very hard wearing and durable, plus it will prevent mud and dirt being walked back into the classrooms or hall ways.

Low Maintenance

Unlike natural turf, it doesn’t need much maintenance at all. Apart from clearing up litter or fallen leaves there really isn’t much else required to keeping it looking good all year.

No Treatments Required

It doesn’t need to be treated with any harmful herbicide treatments or feed. Plus, it’ll never require watering.

No More Muddy Shoes

For large parts of the year, grassy areas of the playground can be made out of bounds to children due to the problem of damaging the grass and walking mud into the school. This is no longer a problem with artificial playing surfaces.

Fake Grass for Nurseries

This is great for the little ones. It never gets muddy & rain water drains away naturally. It is also soft, yet heard wearing making it an ideal surface to be used for play areas. It can come in many different colours and can be designed to look interesting and stimulating for young children.

What’s Included

Free consultation and design service. Plus we offer a complete supply & installation service. Also, if you would like to chat with us about what your school or nursery needs are, we will be more than happy to see which of the many artificial grass and play surfaces would best suit you. 

Our Services include..

  • Full Design and Consultation
  • Complete Installation
  • Tailor made to designs that will engage youngsters
  • Ground Surface and Drainage Prepared
  • Very Low Maintenance.
  • 8 Years Guarantee

Artificial Putting Greens

Get better use out of your garden, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter

As Good as the Real Thing

Artificial Grass has come a long way since the early days and our turf is no exception.  In fact, all our grass products use the latest technology, so you and all of our customers can enjoy a perfect lawn that’s practically personalised to meet your specific requirements.  Whether it’s a natural rustic look you require, a more durable grass for heavy traffic areas or turf for golf lovers out there, we have lawns just for you which are perfect for practising your putting prowess.

Low Maintenance

All our artificial lawns are of the highest standard and of premium grade and quality.  As such, they are completely low maintenance in comparison to natural grass lawns and we are proud of the fact that they are super long-lasting.

No Treatments Required

Whereas natural grass lawns require regular treatments to keep it looking lush and green, our artificial lawns look perfect all year round without the need for any chemical treatments, which is great news for the environment and for your pocket.

No More Muddy Shoes

Another great benefit of artificial grass is that there are no more muddy puddles, so children and pets can enjoy the garden all year round without bringing muddy shoe and paw prints into your home and onto your freshly cleaned floors and carpets. 

Versatile & Practical

Our artificial putting greens are both practical and versatile and ideal for families, dog-lovers, golf enthusiasts and for those of you who love to entertain outside, so really for anyone who wants a beautiful lawn with practically no maintenance.

So, no more lawn mowing, weed killing, lawn treatments, muddy and waterlogged grass and brown patches and stains from your furry friends. Whatever your needs we can provide you with the perfect grass for your individual requirements.

What’s Included with our Artificial Putting Greens

We pride ourselves on our top of the range products and the service we provide to you, our customer. We want you to have the putting green of your dreams and to enjoy your outside space for many years to come.

How we achieve this:

  • As with most projects, preparation is key, so we treat the base with weed inhibitor to prevent any growth that may dislodge the base;
  • For the base, we install a stone layer with a layer of specialised grit to create a flat finish;
  • We use a specialist membrane to further prevent organic growth penetrating your grass finish;
  • Once the grass is laid, we brush the surface to remove debris so the grass stands up and looks realistic;
  • We are so confident with the quality of our products that we offer a 10 year guarantee on our products and installation;

Artificial Sports Pitches

Synthetic sports pitches have been around for many years and in that time have developed into a versatile and all weather alternative to natural grass.

Synthetic Football Pitches

Provide a better solution to natural grass particularly when it comes to pitches that are regularly being used. Unlike natural grass the artificial turf needs virtually no maintenance and therefor costs a lot less to use. Where as a natural pitch needs qualified groundsmen to maintain, all weather pitches don’t.

Now, the new 3G or 3rd generation artificial pitches have a much better subsurface and a new development in the turf. This results in it no longer have the hard impact on joints when playing on it. With a perfectly level subsurface and longer grass blades filled with rubber crumb & sand, it gives the surface a realist feel when running on it. This helps with the wear and tear on the surface and also the wear and tear on joints too. Providing the best kind of synthetic solution to natural sports pitches.

Low Maintenance

In real terms, these pitches need little to no maintenance, making them ideal for schools, leisure centres the like.

Realist Feel

Due to the way in which we prepare the subsurface, plus with using a long pile grass filled with rubber crumb & sand it gives the overall feel of running on a grass pitch,

No More Injuries

New 4g pitches are a lot more gentle on the joints, reducing cartilage damage that used to be associated with playing on artificial pitches.

Types of Artificial Grass Pitches

Since the introduction of Astroturf a good few decades ago, the technology of the production of these surfaces has measurably improved. There are in reallity 3 different types of artificial pitches, yet 4 grades. They are listed below:

1G – This was the first ever use of synthetic surface used for pitches and was called ‘AstroTurf’. It wasn’t filled with anything and was used various sports activities.

2G – These next generation of pitches use a sand base and have a very short pile. Often used for when there are multiple types of games played on them but are generally suited for Hockey due to the flat surface allowing the easy and fast run of the ball.

3G – Certainly the best type of artificial pitch at the moment is the third generation type. The reason is because of the use of a longer blade or pile, that is then filled with a rubber crumb and sand. This gives the grass more of a spring and mimics the feel of natural grass. The shock absorbent quality of the longer grass blades along with the rubber crumb filling makes playing on it a lot easier on your joints.

What’s Included

We offer a design and fit service in which we will also be able to offer you the advice on what is going to be the best surface for you.

Our Services include :

  • Design
  • Supply
  • Subsurface & Drainage Preparation
  • Full Installation
  • 8 Year Guarantee.

Benefits of Installing an Artificial Sports Pitch.


Synthetic surfaces like grass has a plethora of different applications. It comes in many different colours and textures, plus it can be reused again and again.

Great for Events & Promotions

As well as looking great, artificial grass offers the opportunity to be used to help brand awareness. By using it in exhibition stalls for one instance it can provide an attractive looking floor surface which can also have your brand name or logo within it.

As a surface it is ideal to use in events with both animals and children. It is going to withstand heavy foot fall too. It provides a visually pleasant surface to exhibit your products on offering a natural looking setting.

The synthetic grass can be laid within a few hours and can also be taken up after the event has finished. This makes it a perfect solution to jazzing up what would be a flat looking flooring and will help to make your company stand out.

Logos & Design

Due to the nature of this material it can be manufactured and designed to incorporate your logo within it. This works well in so many areas of corporate promotions. We can also tailor the material to have a business or sponsors logo within it . Also, because it is an all weather material it is suitable for both an internal or external use.

Artificial grass can be used in so many different situations whilst being used to promote a brand or sponsorship. We provide a full design, consultation & installation service so that we can provide your business the best solution and final product.

What’s Included

We have years of experience in designing and fitting artificial surfaces for business and commercial projects. We can design & create your logo within the grass.

How we achieve this:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Uplift from location after event


Frequently Asked Questions

About Installing Artificial Grass on Top of Natural Grass

The answer to this question is yes you can lay a synthetic turf over an existing lawn. However, at the same time, this doesn’t mean it is the best idea or you may not be completely satisfied when it comes to the outcome.

This is a possibility. However, if you are going to walk over your artificial turf, then the slope has to be under 15%. It may also be a better idea to select the grass which does not require sand infill. This has to do with the sand moving downwards off the slope. For a slope, it is best to use pins in order to secure your artificial turf down.

If the existing surface where you plan to install your artificial grass is already structurally sound, there are usually no issues with installing the grass over it. However, one of the golden rules when it comes to installing artificial turf over decking, paving, or concrete is to make sure you use the right foam underlay made for artificial grass.

Artificial grass should on average last for around 20 years of a maintenance-free life, yet this will depend on how much traffic the area is subjected to. Fake grass will not flatten or fade, and it is also UV stabilised which means it will retain integrity and colour from one season to the next.

If the existing surface where you plan to install your artificial grass is already structurally sound, there are usually no issues with installing the grass over it. However, one of the golden rules when it comes to installing artificial turf over decking, paving, or concrete is to make sure you use the right foam underlay made for artificial grass.

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

Artificial grass should on average last for around 20 years of a maintenance-free life, yet this will depend on how much traffic the area is subjected to. Fake grass will not flatten or fade, and it is also UV stabilised which means it will retain integrity and colour from one season to the next.

Can I Lay Artificial Grass Directly Over Soil?

Yes, here’s how

For optimal results, it is best to lay your artificial grass over a 35mm layer made up of sharp compacted sand. In order to maintain levels, you may need to remove the same amount of your topsoil. It is best to remove any vegetative materials from under the new grass because it will rot away unevenly. The sand or ground needs to be compacted. For a small area, this is possible with the use of builders’ planks or using the back part of your shovel. For a large area, it is best to invest in a vibrating-plate compactor which is easy to hire from a variety of different equipment hire facilities.

–              Weed Membrane

This layer should be laid directly under the turf to prevent seeds from getting into the soil or sand where they might germinate. The membrane should overlap by a minimum of 100mm and cover the edges of the desired area.


The artificial turf should be installed over this membrane. Allow for around 50mm of the artificial grass so that you can trim it off in order to create a perfect edge. It is best to leave your grass for 1 or 2 days to settle. This will prevent any wrinkling or creasing.


The next step involves butting the edges of the grass together. Once you are happy with your results, peel your artificial grass back followed by laying our fiberglass backing-tape under each join. Use a spreader for applying our Aqua Bond mastic adhesive. You can also choose to use a multi-purpose adhesive for the tape. Now fold your grass back gently making sure you avoid squeezing any of the adhesive onto the strands of grass. You can find out more about the way to join your artificial turf here.


Trim and cut the artificial turf with a craft knife that has a sharp blade. Ensure that you do not leave any gaps between the grass and your walls. The blade must be sharp and you should change it when necessary. In some cases, the grass will feature a material-trim on one edge which arises from the production process. This will need to be cut off before you lay your grass. This trim should not be used to join the edges. Instead, you should rather use adhesive and joining tape for every join.


Use the ground pins that we supply by nailing each one at a slight angle into the soil or ground every 200mm in order to secure your perimeter. You can also choose to create your own small concrete-haunch to bury or glue to the treated timber length to tack to or nail to.

You should be brushing your artificial grass at least once a week in order to remove light build-ups of dirt, and dust. You should also be giving the turf a more thorough clean once a month to ensure it remains inviting and green. Here are the steps to follow:

Step One: Brush Your Grass

–              Use either a rake made from plastic or a broom to brush your grass (anything metal will damage the turf) to maintain the fresh and springy effect of the grass. If a heavy item has left behind marks on your turf, brush against-the-grain of the grass to spruce it up. Start from one corner and the work to the other side, tackling the turf in even strips, similar to how you would mow the grass.

Step Two: Remove Any Leaves

It is best to use a blower to remove debris and leaves. Blow everything into one corner making it easier to pick up. You can either use a brush and dustpan or pick it up by hand. It is important to remove this debris on a regular basis to stop any weeds from growing inside your turf.

Step Three: Remove Weeds

Killing moss and weeds needs t to occur as required. It is important to only use water-based weed and moss killers that feature a pH balance maximum of 8. Once the moss and weeds die off, remove them in addition to any other loose debris and leaves.

Step Four: Fill In The Turf With Sand

Scatter a layer of silica sand over the lawn. Now use a brush to distribute the sand evenly across the turf. Make sure you wait for at least 2 hours before you walk on the turf again.

Many of the latest artificial turfs feature protection from UV rays. In the process of manufacture, the product is UV stabilised. This helps to protect your grass from fading. Artificial turf also undergoes rigorous testing when it comes to UV resistance and colour fastness.

The artificial grass specialist or installer that you have chosen should also provide you with a guarantee that the turf will not discolour or fade over time. Once the time-frame for the guarantee expires, there is a possibility that the product may start to fade.

However, there are caveats to this. Certain artificial grass brands are UV-stabilised which resists fading caused by direct exposure to sunlight. Even though we are not able to promise this once the guarantee expires, when it comes to the climate that we live in, the chances are good that the turf will remain green over its lifespan.

It stands up very well. In fact, it is a far better option over natural grass for many reasons. Dogs cannot dig the grass up, or get muddy, or cause any other type of significant damages once correctly installed.

Weeds are unable to grow through artificial turf as long as you have a weed-killing membrane or geotextile laid before you lay the turf. The backing materials that we have used for our product is very durable and will stop any roots from growing into the soil.

Your decking shouldn’t rot provided it was treated correctly before the installation. It is suggested that treated hardboard has been laid over your decking in order to prevent decking grooves that could damage the grass.

Our brand of artificial turf is springy and soft and offers even more bounce when compared to natural grass. On days that are extremely hot, this grass will feel warm underfoot.

You need to use glue and fiberglass tape, which will be supplied with your order. You apply this glue to your tape. The edges of your artificial turf are then pressed over it.

If you want to use a barbeque over your turf you need to place the barbeque on slabs above the turf.

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