How much does Artificial Grass cost

How much does Artificial Grass cost?

The cost of artificial grass can vary depending on a number of factors.  However, on average artificial grass prices start around £4.99 per square meter up to £29.99 per square meter.  As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”, so the cheaper grass is generally of lesser quality than the more expensive ranges. Those prices do not include installation and other materials required to lay the grass correctly.

The higher quality grass tends to be heavier and denser and holds more strands per square meter than the cheaper alternatives, as a result will last longer and it looks more realistic.  So, if you are looking for a longer-term investment it would be advisable to look at the superior grass ranges.  An additional factor to consider is how much the artificial grass will be used.  For a high amount of use, a higher quality grass would be recommended to help increase longevity and to reduce the risk of matting.

Where money can be saved

As the initial investment for Artificial Grass can be quite high, there are a few areas where money can be saved.   One way is to shop around and look for offcuts.  Many places stock remnants, so if they have the size of artificial grass that you require, then a significant saving could be yours.

Alternatively, money can be saved installing the grass yourself rather than paying for professional installers.  Installation costs can be between £60 and £75 per square meter, so if you have a large area to cover the cost of installation will be significant.  The DIY option isn’t for everyone, but it is worthy of consideration if you are looking to reduce the cost.  To assist with this process there are many useful online guides and tutorials that can walk you through the installation process.  

If your preference is to use professional fitters, costs can be reduced by requesting a number of quotes from quality installers in your area.  Your supplier should be able to recommend quality fitters, but there are also a number of websites available detailing pre-approved tradesman where examples of their work are often featured.  

Whilst the initial outlay for artificial grass is substantially higher than for natural grass, there are ways to help reduce these costs and fake grass has a significant life-span if looked after correctly.

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