Can dogs pee on artificial grass

Can dogs pee on artificial grass?

Artificial grass is a dog-lovers dream, and possibly one of the main reasons pet owners choose to have an artificial lawn installed as you will no longer have unsightly yellow marks dotted all over an otherwise green lawn.

Whilst dog pee drains away, it is definitely advisable to wash the grass regularly with soapy water or an appropriate cleaning fluid to prevent odour build-up, particularly in the summer months and on warmer days.  Other ways to reduce the smell of urine is at the installation phase.  A sand-free fast draining sub-base should be used as sand can hold the uric acid crystals causing an odour build-up over time.  

Polyurethane backed grass is another option to prevent pet smells and for the ultimate safety of your pets and children.  Latex backed grass degrades over time, allowing pet odours to seep into the rubber.  Ammonia pockets can also form which can be harmful to children and older dogs.  So, if you have pets and children it’s worth investing in Polyurethane grass to protect your pets as well as the whole family.

It is also recommended to look at the shorter artificial grasses, which tend to be more pet friendly, particularly in terms of being able to pick up dog mess far easier than the longer grass fibres.

In conclusion, dogs love artificial grass, due to the comfort and warmth that artificial grass provides.  Providing that care is taken when choosing your grass to ensure pet and family safety, artificial lawns are perfect for your pooches and for the whole family to enjoy.

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