Artificial Sports Pitches

Synthetic sports pitches have been around for many years and in that time have developed into a versatile and all weather alternative to natural grass.

Synthetic Football Pitches

Provide a better solution to natural grass particularly when it comes to pitches that are regularly being used. Unlike natural grass the artificial turf needs virtually no maintenance and therefor costs a lot less to use. Where as a natural pitch needs qualified groundsmen to maintain, all weather pitches don’t.

Now, the new 3G or 3rd generation artificial pitches have a much better subsurface and a new development in the turf. This results in it no longer have the hard impact on joints when playing on it. With a perfectly level subsurface and longer grass blades filled with rubber crumb & sand, it gives the surface a realist feel when running on it. This helps with the wear and tear on the surface and also the wear and tear on joints too. Providing the best kind of synthetic solution to natural sports pitches.

Low Maintenance

In real terms, these pitches need little to no maintenance, making them ideal for schools, leisure centres the like.

Realist Feel

Due to the way in which we prepare the subsurface, plus with using a long pile grass filled with rubber crumb & sand it gives the overall feel of running on a grass pitch,

No More Injuries

New 4g pitches are a lot more gentle on the joints, reducing cartilage damage that used to be associated with playing on artificial pitches.

Types of Artificial Grass Pitches

Since the introduction of Astroturf a good few decades ago, the technology of the production of these surfaces has measurably improved. There are in reallity 3 different types of artificial pitches, yet 4 grades. They are listed below:

1G – This was the first ever use of synthetic surface used for pitches and was called ‘AstroTurf’. It wasn’t filled with anything and was used various sports activities.

2G – These next generation of pitches use a sand base and have a very short pile. Often used for when there are multiple types of games played on them but are generally suited for Hockey due to the flat surface allowing the easy and fast run of the ball.

3G – Certainly the best type of artificial pitch at the moment is the third generation type. The reason is because of the use of a longer blade or pile, that is then filled with a rubber crumb and sand. This gives the grass more of a spring and mimics the feel of natural grass. The shock absorbent quality of the longer grass blades along with the rubber crumb filling makes playing on it a lot easier on your joints.

What’s Included

We offer a design and fit service in which we will also be able to offer you the advice on what is going to be the best surface for you.

Our Services include :

  • Design
  • Supply
  • Subsurface & Drainage Preparation
  • Full Installation
  • 8 Year Guarantee.

Benefits of Installing an Artificial Sports Pitch.