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Ideal for playing surfaces used in schools and nurseries. Although it is very tough and resistant to stains and damage, it is also soft and non toxic making it an ideal surface for children to play on.


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Artificial Grass for Schools

Although natural grass is very pleasant to play on, if used daily it will wear and end up warn away. A perfect solution to using natural is to use artificial grass for playgrounds and break out areas in schools and collages. It is very hard wearing and durable, plus it will prevent mud and dirt being walked back into the classrooms or hall ways.

Low Maintenance

Unlike natural turf, it doesn’t need much maintenance at all. Apart from clearing up litter or fallen leaves there really isn’t much else required to keeping it looking good all year.

No Treatments Required

It doesn’t need to be treated with any harmful herbicide treatments or feed. Plus, it’ll never require watering.

No More Muddy Shoes

For large parts of the year, grassy areas of the playground can be made out of bounds to children due to the problem of damaging the grass and walking mud into the school. This is no longer a problem with artificial playing surfaces.

Fake Grass for Nurseries

This is great for the little ones. It never gets muddy & rain water drains away naturally. It is also soft, yet heard wearing making it an ideal surface to be used for play areas. It can come in many different colours and can be designed to look interesting and stimulating for young children.

What’s Included

Free consultation and design service. Plus we offer a complete supply & installation service. Also, if you would like to chat with us about what your school or nursery needs are, we will be more than happy to see which of the many artificial grass and play surfaces would best suit you

Our Services include..

  • Full Design and Consultation
  • Complete Installation
  • Tailor made to designs that will engage youngsters
  • Ground Surface and Drainage Prepared
  • Very Low Maintenance.
  • 8 Years Guarantee

Benefits of using Synthetic Turf

Low Maintenance

Tough & Durable

No Watering

No Harmful Chemicals

Eliminates Muddy Shoes

Child Friendly

Variety of Designs

Will Not Fade

Value for Money

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