Beautiful, Realistic, Low Maintenance & Guaranteed to last for years & years!

Benefits of an Artificial Lawn

One of the main benefits to having a fake lawn fitted in your garden is that it will look like a well manicured lawn all year around without having to lift a finger. The grass is so realistic that only upon close inspection can you tell it is made from synthetic fibres. The lawn needs very little maintenance and absolutely no watering or other kinds of treatments are required. It just looks good all year round.

Low Maintenance

Apart from Brushing off fallen leaves and debris, there really isn’t anything else to do to maintain an artificial lawn.

No Treatments Required

They do not require any kind of treatment or watering. This means no more costly lawn treatments, mowing or scarifying to remove moss and dead grass. 

No More Muddy Shoes

Artificial lawns are great for kids to play on and even when wet, there will be no mud or dirt to tread in.

Balconies and Decking

One of the uses of artificial grass is by covering over decking. As the years roll by decking starts to look weathered and old. So, what some people do is to have the fake grass fitted over the decking to provide a more atheistic looking surface and one that is softer to walk on.

Although balconies are usually not very big in surface space, they can benefit from having realistic looking fake grass fitted to it. It is pleasant to look at and soft to walk on, making it an attractive option for properties with a balcony. 

What’s Included

As well as providing some of the very best variety and quality artificial grass that is being manufactured, we also aim to provide the best service. It’s not just about installing the grass and then moving on. We want all of our customers to be delighted, not only in the look and feel of the grass we fit. But, we also want our customers to be very happy with the way we install and work at your home. So, our installs include

  • 8 Year Guarantee
  • Variety of Realistic Grass to Choose from.
  • Full Installation Service
  • All Waste Materials Removed
  • 100% Satisfaction with our Service and Product