About Us

Our Story

Back in the early part of this century I began a business that lead the way in the supply and installing of a new type of artificial grass. This grass was different to the existing material that was being used within the UK. It was commonly called Astro Turf and apart from the odd occasion would be used for sports pitches. We along with a few other businesses pioneered a change in its use, due to the fact that it was now being so well made that it looked as good as grass, which is what I named the new business.

As the business grew, I eventually sold it and decided to set up again after sometime to begin a more locally targeted installation business. I did this because I understand the industry inside out and I knew that I didn’t want a huge business again, just a simple business offering bespoke artificial grass installations within half an hour of where I lived.

I enjoy this work, and love to see the finished results. I enjoy seeing the transformation it makes to peoples gardens.